We are the human-centred marketplace for accountants, bookkeepers, CFO's, controllers and operational support


Why The Well Works... So Well

Launched in 2014, with a focus on marketing, communications and technology, The Well added the accounting and operational vertical in early 2023 as a leaning into the leadership role we’ve taken in the professional gig labour force.

The Well is a digital platform that moves away from the transactional driven businesses like Upwork - and reintroduces a human-centred, trust-based way of doing business. The results are a healthy use of technology, where humans connect humans wrapped in a model built on solving the shortcomings of:

  1. online marketplaces
  2. advertising agencies
  3. recruitment firms

We curate, vet, and manage two separate rosters of Canadian freelancers and consultants in each of the two verticals we service: project and fractional specialists in Accounting and Operations, Marketing and Technology. In doing so we’re transforming the mechanics of working with freelancers and consulting services to address the shortcomings of the traditional and tech ONLY models.

How we do it

Vetting and sorting

The backbone of The Well are two proprietary vetting processes that are executed by humans supported by technology - not run by tech exclusively. One vetting system is based on criteria best suited to identifying trustworthy and committed project specialists, the other for fractional specialists. Membership to the roster is only granted to those specialists who pass all 22 checks to do with experience, values, commitment, reputation, business experience and acumen, career purpose and so on. AI alone cannot do what we do.

Zero Cost Guides

Save time and gain context. We work to understand your objectives and recommend the appropriate specialists that align with your timelines and budget. We’re a human-centred marketplace which means Well staff are proactive and work with you, without obligation or cost, to save you time and guesswork in matching with the right specialists and services.

Estimates and Invoicing

All of our specialists set their own rates and estimate and negotiate with you directly. And, whatever everyone agrees to - that’s all you’ll ever be asked to pay. No hidden fees or surprise invoices. No admin charges. No surprise fees. No hidden anything. The quote is the quote and that’s what you pay.


On top of no surprise fees, you’ll also say goodbye to the randomness of each individual freelancer’s invoicing practices. We centralise everything. Even if working with multiple specialist types, across any of our verticals. All estimates and invoices come directly from The Well and customers have a single point of contact to manage PO’s, contracts and collections.

  1. We’ve eliminated the movement issue on the project side through our vetting.
  2. We’ve eliminated the side hustlers, hobbyists and imposters through our 9-5 requirement.
  3. We control the roster placements so customers never get subjected to specialists who have categorized themselves with best intentions
  4. We’ve empowered and require The Well specialists are able to manage the ongoing aspects of every relationship - putting it through our system.
  5. We’ve made all the billing simple and singular for customers so they don’t need to balance a variety of invoices from a variety of sources.
  6. Clients work with the people they decide to work with, no bait and switch between senior and junior staff as in the agency world.
  7. We localize, and only curate and roster Canadian specialists
  8. We are able to make recommendations and matches based on locations, skill sets and budgets for clients to give that added level of comfort.
  9. We have a thoughtful and controlled feedback process to ensure we maintain the integrity of the rosters ongoing
  10. We provide, free of charge, advisory services to every customer where we’ll help with approaches and recommend talents, build teams and best practices
  11. Specialists set all of their own rates so there are never add ons to the budgets customers have signed off on
  12. We know the industries - all our staff come from advertising, tech or recruitment making them seasoned advisors.
  13. We have the flexibility to meet resourcing needs up and down the scale - from one off projects, to team approaches, temp staff to transition to permanent.
  14. We’re a roster company - so we know our talent and can look all of our clients in the eye and vouch for each of our members.