Project Specialists


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Sherry C
  • Controller
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
Krista M
  • CFO, Business Consultant
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
Guy L
  • Financial consultant
  • Montreal, Quebec
Jenn M
  • Controller - CPA & CMA
  • Halifax, NS
Su H
  • Controller (Full cycle accounting)
  • Halifax, NS
Muhannad S
  • Accountant - CPA
  • Toronto, ON
Anna T
  • Professional Bookkeeper
  • Calgary, AB
Ethel S
  • CFO, CPA - Transformational "Hands-On" Executive
  • Montreal, Quebec
Mary Q
  • CPA, CFO, Controller, VP Finance, Head of Finance/ Accounting
  • Vancouver, BC & Toronto, ON
Chris H
  • Fractional CFO
  • Calgary, AB
Kam P
  • CPA, CA
  • Brampton, Ontario
Cathy S
  • Software Implementation Consultant, CPA CGA
  • Vancouver, BC
Charlene C
  • Business Consultant | Strategy & Systems Enhancement Specialist | Project Manager | Operations Manager
  • Halifax, NS
Megan L
  • Highly Experienced Accountant
  • Lloydminster, Alberta
Nelko M
  • Highly experienced CFO
  • Toronto, ON
Robin B
  • Experienced professional Bookkeeper & Controller
  • Oshawa, Ontario
Ellen M
  • Experienced CPA, CA
  • Meteghan, Nova Scotia
Paula N
  • 360 Degree Bookkeeper
  • Kitchener, Ontario
Jeff G
  • Process Automation Specialist
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
Kevin T
  • Full-cycle CPA bookkeeper
  • Mississauga, Ontario
Chris M
  • Operations Management
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
Noman K
  • Bookkeeper, Financial Analyst, Staff Accountant
  • Cambridge, Ontario
Katherine H
  • Experienced Corporate Finance Manager
  • London, Ontario
Barry H
  • Business Management, Fractional Controller and CFO Services, CPA, CMA
  • Calgary, Alberta
Lisa B
  • Professional Bookkeeper
  • Cambridge, Ontario
Brian G
  • Fractional CFO
  • Guelph, Ontario
Maria A
  • Highly Experienced Bookkeeper
  • Montreal, Quebec
Umar A
  • Experience Full Cycle Accountant
  • Guelph, Ontario
George J
  • CPA, Fractional Accountant & CFO
  • Ottawa, Ontario
Rehan K
  • Bookkeeper, Payroll Specialist
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
Ruby H
  • CPA, Accounting Manager
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
Yuliia N
  • Controller, Accountant, Payroll specialist
  • Toronto, Ontario
Rahim K
  • CPA, CA, CFO
  • Calgary, Alberta
Ksenia S
  • Controller - Process Automation - Creative
  • Mississauga (GTA), Ontario
Ira L
  • CFO (Public & Private) - Strategic Problem Solver
  • Toronto, Ontario
Chuck L
  • CFO - Strategist - M&A - Capital Raise
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
Natalia G
  • Controller, CPA, CMA
  • Toronto, Ontario
Caminie M
  • Toronto, Ontario
Dan N
  • CFO - Accountant - Strategist
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
Michelle M
  • Controller - Meticulous - Creative - Strategic
  • Toronto, Ontario
Angelica M
  • Experienced Bookkeeper with many years of experience
  • Montreal, Quebec
Wayne P
  • Business Consultant | Intelligent Automation | Process Improvement | Accountant | Excel Guru
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
Zed W
  • Emerging Market Problem Solver | Advisors to Startups/Public Companies | Fractional CFO | CPA and Entrepreneur
  • Toronto, Ontario
Denise S
  • CPA, CA
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
We Handle

Our human-centred approach means you're never left standing on your own. We'll help you decide who makes the most sense for your particular situation.

You Own

Once your project or contract is completed - the work is yours. You work directly with our specialists in a way that works best for you.

We Protect

Your IP at all costs. Confidentiality and respect are at the core of how we work and how our specialists work with all clients - regardless of size, complexity or location.

You Control

The process, speed, selection and methodology. We'll adapt to your needs and help as little or as much as you require.

We Vet

Membership to the roster is only granted to those specialists who pass all 22 checks. Artificial Intelligence alone cannot do what we do.

Deal Directly

The Well is a roster company. We facilitate the relationship with the specialists you chose to work with and then step back from the process never far if needed to jump back in.

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