Full-time or part-time Fractional Support

Vetted on criteria specifically designed to weed out poor or inexperienced specialists; our fractional roster allows accountants, bookkeepers, controllers and CFOs to fill gaps quickly and confidently, avoiding costly commitments to inexperienced or immediate permanent hires. 
Term Contracts

Fractional CFOs, general accountants, bookkeepers and more, fully integrate with your team. No minimum or maximum durations. Weeks, months, years or open-ended, it’s up to you.

Temporary Staffing

Adding to your team, covering a leave, addressing additional workload are just a few ways that our fractional specialists can fill gaps. We’ll get you quick, thoughtful connections to trustworthy accountants and advisors from our roster.

White-Label Staff

Gain qualified new financial services team members almost instantly. It’s as easy as speaking with one of our staff to gain white label support that is completely seamless, no matter the accounting or operational discipline.

About Fractional Specialists

Fractional Specialists are fully integrated, occupying a chair or title within your team.  Available for full or part-time hours, every Fractional Specialist on our roster is a Canadian freelancer or consultant who has been identified through our proprietary vetting process, as being most successful as a part of, or leading, a team. This is the first step in a 22-point vetting process that determines every specialist's suitability for membership into The Well and helps us separate Project and Fractional Specialists. Specialists set their own rates, deliver their own quotes and what you agree to is all you’ll ever pay–no hidden fees or surprise invoices. 

Zero Cost Guides

Save time and gain context. We work to understand your objectives and recommend the specialists that align with your timelines and budget. We’re a human-centred marketplace which means Well staff are proactive and work with you, without obligation or cost, to save you time and guesswork in matching with the right specialists and services.